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Written by on June 2, 2020

Following the release of his recent album titled – ”The Message” and many other singles and videos, music minister – Izzy shows no signs of slowing down as he announces fresh updates to his art and ministry.

”Hello saints and beloved friends, I trust that you are doing well and basking in God’s protection. We thought to share this with you all as we have recently made a few changes to our profile.”

”Apart from this being according to God’s leading and direction, we have received so many complaints about the difficulties with searching for our songs with the name – IZZY and how our music online distributors have also placed our songs under the wrong IZZY profile (even on YouTube) that appears to be portraying what we don’t stand for as a ministry.”
”This has made us sit back and redefine our representation, so it is very easy for you all to search for the songs and be blessed by them.”

We will be moving from the name – IZZY to my full name – ISRAEL ODEBODE. All social media handles will be changing as reflected in the above post. We are excited to begin this new journey still holding on to the MANDATE that God has entrusted in our hands. Please know that all old songs under the name IZZY remain valid.”
The change will be taking effect on new songs and the ministry moving forward. By the way, the first song release under this name drops on June 5th!!! Get ready 🙏🏾😊. Blessings to you all!”

Social media connect

Below are the new social media handles and contact info:

Instagram & Facebook: @iamisraelodebode
Twitter: @israelodebode_
Email: contact@israelodebode.com
YouTube Channel: Israel Odebode 

Website: www.israelodebode.com 

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