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Written by on June 11, 2018


Big God lyrics
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh (2x)
We got a Big Big Big Big Big Big God
Big Big Big Big God (x2)
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh oh (2x)
Verse1- Stephen:
Take a look (x3)
Look at me now
I got no fear, got not worries
Jesus Christ is got me now
Tell it to the devil, tell it to him
Jesus is got me either way and that’s what’s up            (x2)
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh 
(Repeat Chorus)
Verse 2- Prisca
My life is blessed cos I got Christ in me
Am so big so great cos He’s always got my back
Am so perfect, am so good
standing so strong has been all by His grace
So I staa-a-and
I stand so strong
Verse 3- Debby
Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End
Who sits upon His throne and makes the world His foot stool 
His love is everlasting, His mercies ne-e-w-w
Every morning that’s to show how big, how big He is
Bigger than your problems
Bigger than the pain
Greater than the storm
Wider than the seas
Higher than the mountains
Stronger than powers, at the mention of His mighty name 
Every kneel must bow
(repeat chorus)
Verse 4- Lucky
Am a prince, am a King 
You’re a queen, Am a…
Nothing do me mehn I mean it 
Jesus says am a…
Salt of the nation, a city set on high
Light of the world, mehn am shinning on
If I no dey the world no sweet
When I show, darkness flee
When I speak demons tremble coz Christ lives in me
Verse 5- Faith
Eledumare!! All powerful God, yes you are
Aladewura oh!  Atobiju
Deeper than our thoughts
Stronger than our fears
Aribiti-rabata, Arabata-ribiti
Oba Lori Aye Eh!
Verse 6- Della
Our God is a wonder(wonder), His voice like thunder(thunder)
Glorious in Holliness, the first and the last
He’s ever present in every situation
To give us the best is His mission
So wipe away your tears,
Your prayers I tell you He hears
Substitute your tears for His fears 
Cos the power in His word, none can compare (compare)
He’s our Father our helper, provider, our healer, deliverer, wherever, whenever forever and ever 
With Him we’re better. Together we’re stronger 
We need no other (other) 
Alagbara Nla! Atobiju we call him
Olori-Oko Aye ati-Orun
Onye m ji-emonu Jehovah!
(Olori-Oko Aye ati-Orun Onye m ji-emonu Jehovah)
Thou oh Lord, you alone art worthy to be praised
And now we’re here
DAVID’S TRIBE to Declare that!!
Repeat chorus

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